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ISAAC - Pants & short

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  • PDF - Pattern

    The ISAAC Pants or Shorts

    Isaac is a tailored-style pants or shorts.

    The 4.5 cm deep front pleats give it an oversized look, while offering the possibility to adjust the depth thanks to the modification line on the pattern.

    There are multiple options for this pattern, choose your favorite:

    • Shorts or pants: The season and the fabric can help you decide.
    • The waistband: Standard, offset, with a carabiner, buckle, or tied – choose your favorite.
    • Classic or more Fitted Version: The 4.5 cm pleats offer a modern oversized look, but they can also be sewn for a more fitted and elegant effect along the leg.
    • Custom Length: Adjust the length according to your preferences, thanks to a dedicated line on the pattern. Indulge yourself and customize it as much as you like.

    Its advantages ++:

    Detailed Instructions: Isaac comes with detailed and illustrated instructions, easy to follow even for beginner sewers, along with a tutorial video on YouTube. Customization: Modifications are possible thanks to the instructions. Adaptability: The front pleats can be modified to suit each person's morphology. Thanks to my friend @Delphes__, who, with her experience, helped me regarding this adaptability. ♡

    You can find the different tests by Instagram users on Maison Cobalt's Instagram page.

    For the material:

    • For my version 1 - Pants with carabiner waistband - Midnight: Polyester

    • For my version 2 - Pants with offset waistband 1 button - Black: Polyester

    • For my version 3 - Shorts with standard waistband - Blue and white striped: Cotton

    • For my version 4 - Pants with standard waistband - Heathered ecru: Blend of cotton and linen with elastane. I don't really recommend having elastane as it may distort the pattern. I had some issues with this version; it was too large. Nevertheless, it remains my favorite in terms of color and material.

    Don't hesitate if you have any questions!


    ISAAC pants & short Difficulty: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡


    Don't hesitate to reach out with any doubts during the creation process. I'll be happy to help to the best of my ability! ♡


    Once ordered, you will receive an email containing your instruction booklet and the pattern in several A4 sheets in PDF format to unzip. You can only print the parts of the pattern to cut out. The instruction booklet can be viewed on the computer or tablet.

    The link is downloadable within 30 days.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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